AlMokha Rebrand


This project was realized in the context of a school assignment.

The brief for the assignment went as follow: “Rebrand a regional product from anywhere in the world”. We were restricted to a list of predefinied products, of which coffee.

During my research, I discovered that coffee is being produced in a place where one might least expect it: the war ravaged dessert country of Yemen. Not only that, it also turns out that Yemen is the very birthplace of this energizing hot drink.

Indeed, coffee beans were first grown and harvested in the Arabian peninsula. It is through early international trade that this caffeinated beverage made it all around the world, with the Dutch East Indian company being the first to import it to Europe en masse.

AlMokha — the company behind the current day operation — hopes that the growing of coffee beans becomes the countries savior from years of civil unrest and that it can build a healthy economy for the country.

A brand with values like this deserves a solid design, so with this assignment I set out to do just that.

This is the brand’s current design. Servicable, but the coffee world is a competitive one. Modern coffee brands vie for your hard earned euros with clean and well thought out designs. Compared to other coffee brands, it looks rather bland.

AlMokha sells 4 types of coffee: a light, medium and dark roast, complimented with a “Reserve” variety that is only available in limited quantities.

This is the redesign. Since the coffee has such a unique origin, it should get reflected all throughout the branding and the packaging. It would be a shame to keep such a unique selling point secret. This is done in big part through the supporting illustration: a watercolor depicting a typical Yemeni cityscape.

The mark for the logo has a double meaning.

The logo is an abstract representation of two hands reaching for each other, one attempting to pull up the other. This is in reference to the local coffee collective AlMokha has set up. Farmers produce the beans individually which AlMokha buys up at a fair price after harvest.

Aside from that, the mark hints towards the traditional coffee bean shape.

AlMokha being an almost unknown company, we need to do something bold that not only attracts attention, but also introduces one to the brand.

With the “Coffee from the dessert!?” ads we play into the unexpected notion that coffee beans can be grown in a dessert country. At the same time, the concept allows us to create an attention grabbing and memorable image.

Being the more exclusive AlMokha variant, AlMokha Reserve deserved its own distinct packaging and a different approach to marketing. In comparison to the bus stop and billboard ads of the light, medium and dark variants, AlMokha Reserve is exclusively advertised in lifestyle magazines. This is where we’ll reach the true conoisseur.

Lastly, to show our AlMokha flair at your local coffee shop, I designed a range of cups to be used for hot brews made with AlMokha’s beans.

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For questions, remarks and office party invitations,

do get in touch!