BreakAway Card Game


BreakAway is a card game that helps office drones, busy bees and hard working students answer one question: How do I take breaks in times of COVID?

Through my thesis project I set out to discover this answer for myself and create a fun and workable solution to it. 

For my thesis project I decided to take inspiration from the crisis that has affected us all.

From one month to the other, we found our usual routines overturned by imposed lockdowns and home office mandates. In the absence of coffee breaks, lunch with fellow students and strict schedules, finding the right time to take a break became harder and work and leisure started blurring lines.

This seemed like an interesting opportunity to do research into and to find a fun and effective design solution to.

During a 6 month period, I surveyed people to find whether this problem was widespread, which age group was affected the most and what possible solutions I could design for it.

The result is “BreakAway”. A card game that helps you take breaks by presenting you with healthy, fun and lifestyle improving assignments.

The BreakAway logo and supporting illustration.

“Kantine” is a typeface developed for BreakAway based on the input of 70 survey respondents. Its cheerful look with hints of Didone classics make it fit right into BreakAway’s desk toy role.

Every board game needs a mascot. Kaufi and Thea became the cutesy couple guiding the player through the game.

The packaging for BreakAway was perhaps the most challenging aspect of the project.

It needed to fit into an office environment, it had to be easily accessible (as the user will draw a card 3 times a day) and last but not least, it had to be compact.

This lead me to developing the packaging as a vertical solution. This approach meant taking up the least amount of desk space possible.

3D rendered mock-up composited into desk photo

Top view with 3 card slots, compartment for the rules (back) and lid in front

Sketch with dimensions for the packaging. These were taken into SketchUp and 3D modeled.

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For questions, remarks and office party invitations, do get in touch!


For questions, remarks and office party invitations,

do get in touch!